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Nov 2, 2018 - Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence (SAGE)
Tough, Suzanne; Benzies, Karen; Collisson, Beverly; Graham, Susan; McDonald, Sheila; Slater, Donna; McNeil, Deborah, 2016, "All Our Babies/Families (AOB/F)",, UAL Dataverse, V15
The All Our Babies/Families (AOB/F) study is a prospective community-based pregnancy cohort that follows maternal-infant pairs across the early life course to describes the mental health and psychosocial characteristics of mothers living in Calgary and area, as well as estimating...
Adobe PDF - 5.0 MB - MD5: c306d7578780d12e258324bb2f64495e
This file includes all element level metadata.
This latest version include electronic medical record metadata.
Adobe PDF - 276.8 KB - MD5: 7df63349dadf05451b7e5617b38ad036
For brevity this file does not include element level metadata.
This latest version include electronic medical record metadata.
Oct 31, 2018 - University of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta Libraries, 2016, "Canadian Children's Book Centre Collection - Metadata Records",, UAL Dataverse, V5
This collection includes files representing Canadian Children's Book Centre titles: A full extract of the CCBCC collection from the University of Alberta as of February 2018 (14,433 records); an extract of CCBCC titles added to the University of Alberta collection in spring 2017...
application/marc - 21.3 MB - MD5: 4d81faec41632fb8ee3841559466ad4a
application/marc - 975.9 KB - MD5: 11b0d7ba35b3c2c961b4aa3d7b9c8d94
Oct 29, 2018 - Vibrio_p
Islam, Mohammad Tarequl; Liang, Kevin; Im, Monica S; Winkjer, Jonathan; Busby, Shleby; Tarr, Cheryl L; Boucher, Yan, 2018, "Draft genome sequences of Vibrio sp. isolates from across the United States closely related to Vibrio cholerae",, UAL Dataverse, V2, UNF:6:Z1CqHjvNfY4Kr3yPYKC4hw==
We are reporting whole genome sequences of nine Vibrio sp. isolates, closely related to the waterborne human pathogen Vibrio cholerae. These isolates were recovered from human and environmental samples from different parts of United States. Genome analysis suggests this group of...
Adobe PDF - 30.4 KB - MD5: 30ee900c9b8d9c940a4fe88f4fdbaf55
1000 Bootstrap tree raxml maximum likelihood tree.
Oct 29, 2018 - Vibrio_p
Liang, Kevin; Islam, Mohammad Tarequl; Hussain, Nora; Winkjer, Nathan S; Rowe, Lori A; Im, Monica; Boucher, Yan; Tarr, Cheryl L, 2018, "Draft genome sequences of eight Vibrio sp. clinical isolates from across the United States that forms a basal sister clade to Vibrio cholerae",, UAL Dataverse, V1
We sequenced the genomes of eight isolates from various regions of the United States that show high sequence similarity to Vibrio sp. 2521-89, a recently reported genome(1). These isolates form a monophyletic cluster clearly related but distinct from V. cholerae, representing a h...
MS Excel (XLSX) - 42.6 KB - MD5: 1804aa1d336002c25aa6db257af891bc
Average Nucleotide Identity (ANI) and in-silico DNA-DNA Hybridization (isDDH) for all pairwise comparisons between representative Vibrio cholerae strains and the eight isolates.
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