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Feb 9, 2019
Stevens, Rhys; Scott, Emma; Malacrida, Claudia, 2019, "Research Data Management Survey, University of Lethbridge",, UAL Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:U1gCf/UcjsFjL7zSoebQlw==
In October, 2018 the University of Lethbridge Library conducted a Research Data Management (RDM) survey of faculty, post-docs and graduate students in collaboration with the University's Office of Research and Innovation Services (ORIS). The survey contained locally customized ve...
Feb 8, 2019
Data related to the activities of the Research Support Services group at the University of Lethbridge Library, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Jan 14, 2019 - TRIA - Pine genetic data
Cullingham, Catherine, 2019, "Pine genotype data - Evolutionary Applications",, UAL Dataverse, V1
This file contains genotyping information for lodgepole pine, and jack pine used to identify putative candidates of adaptation to further develop mountain pine beetle spread risk models
TRIA - Pine genetic data(University of Alberta)
Jan 14, 2019
Jan 10, 2019 - University of Alberta Libraries
Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network (PCDHN), 2018, "Out of the Trenches : A Linked Open Data Project",, UAL Dataverse, V2
This is a set of RDF/XML metadata for cultural heritage resources from institutions who participated in the Out of the Trenches proof-of-concept project. More details on the project can be found at PCDHN-LOD-2012.7z contains the entire set of da...
Dec 21, 2018 - University of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta Libraries, 2017, "One-time Payments for Books, by Vendor",, UAL Dataverse, V4, UNF:6:NRs47bkkhuMSo1ZAoStQWQ==
This data represents one-time payments for books (print and electronic) for the University of Alberta Libraries for the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 fiscal years (April - March), with expenditure information provided per vendor.
Dec 21, 2018 - University of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta Libraries, 2016, "Large One Time Collections Expenditures",, UAL Dataverse, V5, UNF:6:EL82v9yKWamxdl2RTQ9XdA==
Contains a data file and a data dictionary which outlines the expenditures for large one time purchases in fiscal years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the University of Alberta Libraries.
Dec 21, 2018 - University of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta Libraries, 2016, "Subscription Expenditures",, UAL Dataverse, V4, UNF:6:V5J86SzdokhmZQHyvVn42w==
The data shows expenditure information for products that the University of Alberta Libraries subscribe to that have ongoing yearly costs for the fiscal years of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.
Nov 2, 2018 - Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence (SAGE)
Tough, Suzanne; Benzies, Karen; Collisson, Beverly; Graham, Susan; McDonald, Sheila; Slater, Donna; McNeil, Deborah, 2016, "All Our Babies/Families (AOB/F)",, UAL Dataverse, V15
The All Our Babies/Families (AOB/F) study is a prospective community-based pregnancy cohort that follows maternal-infant pairs across the early life course to describes the mental health and psychosocial characteristics of mothers living in Calgary and area, as well as estimating...
Oct 31, 2018 - University of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta Libraries, 2016, "Canadian Children's Book Centre Collection - Metadata Records",, UAL Dataverse, V5
This collection includes files representing Canadian Children's Book Centre titles: A full extract of the CCBCC collection from the University of Alberta as of February 2018 (14,433 records); an extract of CCBCC titles added to the University of Alberta collection in spring 2017...
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