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Dec 23, 2017 - Energy Transitions in Canada
Comeau, Louise; Beckley, Thomas; Parkins, John; Stedman, Richard, 2015, "Energy Literacy Survey",, UAL, V3, UNF:6:zfWecMfWmGQzVnlespxwGA==
This study contains the questionnaire, datasets and related analysis from a national survey of energy literacy and energy citizenship in Canada, conducted in November 2014.
Non-Cochrane Child-Relevant Systematic Reviews Published in 2014(Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence)
Dec 22, 2017Advancing Methods in Knowledge Synthesis
Introduction: Systematic reviews (SRs) specific to children are essential to inform evidence-based practice. Child-relevant SRs in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) have been characterized (2009, 2013), showing: limited child-specific evidence; variable methodolo...
Nov 20, 2017 - Social science of DNA barcoding
Geary, Janis, 2017, "DNA barcoding publications",, UAL, V1, UNF:6:6Zji2YQd2Bfvi8AJu0bq6Q==
I searched the Scopus database for peer-reviewed literature that referenced any of four seminal barcode papers (Hebert et al. 2003; Hollingsworth et al. 2009; Schoch et al. 2012; Stoeckle and Hebert 2008). The search, conducted in January 2015, yielded 3557 scientific journal pub...
Nov 20, 2017 - Social science of DNA barcoding
Geary, Janis, 2017, "DNA barcoding media coverage in partner nations 2003-2013",, UAL, V1, UNF:6:vRG2cW2FjYVBtcILa0/w8w==
We searched media databases LexisNexis, Factiva, and Canadian Newsstand for English language articles and limited our search to print and online newspaper coverage. We searched publications in iBOL partner nations from January 2003-Dec 2013; 2003 was the publication year of the f...
Social science of DNA barcoding (University of Alberta)
Nov 20, 2017
Oct 24, 2017
Castro Codesal, Maria, 2017, "Longitudinal changes in clinical characteristics and outcomes for children using long-term non-invasive ventilation",, UAL, V1, UNF:6:8WekuZZvKBYygNN1M/VwMQ==
This is a longitudinal multi-centered study that describes the longitudinal trends of pediatric long-term NIV use over a 10 year period and examines the changes in clinical characteristics, NIV technology use, and long-term outcomes including NIV discontinuation and mortality rat...
Oct 23, 2017 - Jennifer Klutsch's
Klutsch, Jennifer, 2017, "Dataset for "Drought stress leads to systemic induced susceptibility to a nectrotrophic fungus associated with mountain pine beetle in Pinus banksiana seedlings"",, UAL, V1, UNF:6:rl4/IjPupMt639MAQlwW9A==
This dataset is from a study that investigated the impact of drought on induced defenses from initial attack and resistance to subsequent biotic attacks in greenhouse grown jack pine seedlings.
Jennifer Klutsch's(University of Alberta)
Oct 23, 2017
Datasets included in this dataverse are from studies that looked at plant-insect-pathogen interactions.
Sep 21, 2017
Fitzsimmons, Carolyn, 2017, "Maternal nutrient restriction in mid-to-late gestation influences fetal mRNA expression in muscle tissues in beef cattle",, UAL, V1, UNF:6:ZQziS3sw75lO9XtNnkNNag==
Phenotypic, gene expression, and DNA methylation data
Aug 17, 2017 - University of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta Libraries (University of Alberta) , 2017, "Alberta Government Publications - Metadata Records (2017)",, UAL, V1
This set contains 160 records for select Government of Alberta publications digitized in partnership between the University of Alberta Libraries and the Alberta Legislative Library. Format: MARC
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